The Passion of Matt Pinfield

Article by Jeff Gorza, Artist Waves

For over 30 years Matt Pinfield has graced the world of music via various platforms. You probably saw him on MTV as the host of 120 Minutes. Or heard him rocking the airwaves of numerous radio stations. Perhaps, you have had the great experience of seeing him DJ in person — either at the legendary Melody or around New York City? Or most recently on the west coast, hosting the 2 Hours with Matt Pinfield podcast.

As a fellow New Jersey boy, I have been lucky enough to cross paths with Pinfield on numerous occasions. It started at K-Rock in NY where I had brief stint to start my career. Then, I would bartend at a hole-in-the-wall rock club called Snitch and a few times a month, a good night would turn great when it was “Pinfield night” behind the turntables (we’re talking mixing in deep tracks like Soundgarden’s “Mind Riot”). Most recently, Pinfield was kind enough to contribute to my 25 years of Pearl Jam tribute, and will also be a part of a Chris Cornell special we have coming up. Each collaboration we’ve had has been full of mesmerizing music and full of inspiration.

In late 2016, Pinfield released a captivating book about his journey appropriate titled, All These Things That I’ve Done. Though the “things” have taken Pinfield on wild ride all over the country, the heartbeat of it all is simply music. It’s this burning passion for music that has allowed Pinfield to forge lifelong relationships, and naturally made him the most trusted and well-respected person within not only the world of show-hosting, but the entire music entertainment business.

I recently had the opportunity to re-connect with Pinfield, and again, he generously took me inside his unwavering process of staying true to yourself and allowing music to steer the way.

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